Nick Duncan

Software Engineer
& Web Designer
Colorado Springs, CO

About me

Hello! I'm Nick Duncan, a full-stack software engineer and web designer living in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO, and I love writing software that improves people's lives.

I have extensive experience with technology stacks such as Node.js, Python, and .NET Framework. I also specialize in web development and web design. My goal is to always provide quality user experiences and well-designed, robust software solutions.

I strongly believe that good software solutions can improve collaboration, solve problems, and make the world a better place.


University of Colorado at Denver

2011 - 2017
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Examples of completed coursework include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Data Structures
  • Computer Forensics
  • Heuristics & Expert Systems
  • Unix Systems Programming
  • Database System Concepts



April 2020 - Current
Sole Proprietor & Machine Learning Engineer

Responsible for the research, design, implementation, testing and support of a machine learning pipeline utilizing semantic and instance segmentation to identify relevant objects and provide data analytics within tens of thousands of drone-captured photo imagery.

Examples of achievements include:
  • Built neural network applications that can identify specific objects with over 99% accuracy.
  • Developed a web-based application to facilitate the training and collection of prediction artifacts of neural networks.

Avodah, Inc

October 2019 - Current
Software Engineer

Responsible for the research, design, implementation, testing and support of a software solution designed to aid in the real-time translation of sign language, spoken languages, and written languages.

Examples of achievements include:
  • Built neural network applications to aid in the real-time translation of various types of languages.
  • Developed a web-based application with predefined user roles to facilitate the real-time translation of various types of languages.

TecStar Consulting

April 2019 - April 2020
Senior Technologies Engineer

Responsible for the research, design, implementation, testing and support of hardware and software solutions for various projects.

Examples of achievements include:
  • Built a desktop application for use with debugging and facilitating the setup of smart home devices.
  • Built a desktop application for use with designing, training and using neural networks.

Accenture Mortgage Cadence

June 2011 - April 2019
Software Developer Senior Analyst

Responsible for feature development and product support of enterprise-level .NET applications.

Examples of achievements include:
  • Upgraded reporting feature of loan origination software, including conversion utility used to upgrade legacy reports into the upgraded format.
  • Redesigned and overhauled user interface and functionality of WPF utility used by business analysts.
  • Built error-handling framework and associated UI to help identify problems with aforementioned WPF utility.
  • Implemented Memory Caching in aforementioned WPF utility to reduce load on SQL server database and improve performance of the utility.
  • Designed and made functional WPF test harness for ASP.NET MVC Web API.
  • Created unit tests for ASP.NET MVC Web API as part of a unit test initiative.



JWT authorization middleware for use with micro-http-router. Currently only supports tokens in the Authorization header. Used to protect endpoints behind JWT authorization and to automatically place JWT claims in the http.ClientRequest object for use with route handlers.

View micro-http-router-jwt on


micro-http-router is a simple, Express-like router for zeit's micro that uses a radix tree via radix-router. It supports most, if not all, of the HTTP verbs, and tries to be as lightweight and quick as possible.

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PathWatch is an application to document, view, and fix problems on trails and walkways for pedestrians and bicyclists. PathWatch was my senior capstone project and consisted of several parts - a mobile app used to report problems, a web app designed for municipalities to view and manage the problems, a NodeJS + Express API, and a backing MySQL database. I was responsible for the web app which was built using Vue.js and I also built much of the Express API, including user authorization and protected routes.


This game was created as part of the Unreal Epic Megajam (2015) in collaboration with a 3D artist. This was a weeklong jam and the theme was “Standing on the shoulders of giants.” I was curious about the logistics involved in a racing game, so we went down that route with a Wipeout-inspired game. Our idea for theme was using an activated ability to hamstring leading opponents and to give yourself a considerable boost. A week's time was hectic, but it was a really fun project, and we have a fully working racing game with AI to show for it!

[ Coming soon ]

Take-Two Treehouse

Take Two Treehouse is a game about recording movies. Get your creative juices flowing by writing exciting scripts like the awe-inspiring Dangzilla, the thrilling Ace Spaceman: Intergalactic Private Eye, and the captivating Spaghetti Sheriff. Then take up the camera and shoot some scenes! Make sure your cast choose the right word when it’s they’re in the spotlight with an exciting “Choose-The-Correct-Word” minigame! Mow the world’s fastest growing lawn for your allowance, or your parents won’t be happy. And finally, debut your movie on Saturday. If it’s not any good, a lot of people won’t show up, but if it is good, you’ll make a few fans, who will tip better than regular patrons!